*Welfare Minister H.P. *Local MLA *Deputy Commissioner Mandi *Additional Deputy Commissioner *Distt. welfare officer Mandi

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  • Age limit is sixty and above both for man and woman.
  • The person who will live here(old age home) is present at the time of admission.
  • Certificate about the circumstances(condition).
  • During the admission time there is approach of Gram Panchayt or municipal committee.
  • Helpless, without family ,person give preference to admission .
  • All people are treated equally . Here no difference between any castism or religion.
  • Breakfast , tea, milk , bedding , wearing cloths(warm and cool) , utensils and medicine are provided by the ashram(old age home) to the people live here.
  • Admission letter are first confirmed or check by the committee only then candidate permit to admission.
  • Person suffering from contiguous diseases shell not permitted to stay in Old Age Home (Ashram) .



*Gaginder Pal Guleria Advocate. *Parshant Sharma Advocate. *Youdh Chand Saklani. *Sh. Acchar Singh Guleria.


**Sh Mahant Ram Chaudhary (Retired session judge) *Sh.Baldev Saini *Sh.Lok Raj Saini

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